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Horizontal Mill Stones

“Atmak” brand horizontal type mill stones are widely used in different kinds of flour mills.

As we are having a vast experience in the field of manufacturing stones and using advanced manufacturing technique we are capable of producing stones which are relatively stronger and last longer as compared to other mill stones. Also “Atmak” brand stones are more productive with less maintenance and consume less power.

The stones are dynamically balanced so as to minimize the vibration of the flour mill. Hence to get an optimized operation. “Atmak” brand mill stone helps in preserving the natural vitamins of the grains. The technical specifications of the horizontal type mill stones is given below.

Technical Specification of Horizontal Mill Stones

Pair Thickness
H500 500 210 Tapered
H600 600 210 Tapered
H700 700 262 Tapered
H800 800 262 Tapered
H950 950 Tapered

Available in sizes 500MM, 600MM, 700MM, 800MM, 900MM.